About Us

Established in year 2011, CASH Capital (Beijing) Investment Management Co, Ltd. (“CASH Capital”) is the sole venture capital platform and the tier-1 company under direct management by the Chinese Academy of Science Holdings (“CASH”). CASH Capital being the lead investor, together with the investment from quite a few large enterprise groups, has founded several VC equity investment funds and buyout funds with total assets under management of several billions of RMB. CASH Capital is headquartered in Beijing.

CASH manages and operates total assets over RMB 360 billion. Its portfolio, with CASH being the controlling shareholder in some and non-controlling shareholder in the others, contains more than 30 well-known high-tech companies including Legend Holdings, China Sciences Group, and Oriental Scientific Instrument Import& Export Corp (OSIC), etc. In addition, CASH has invested as the LP (Limited Partner) in more than 20 VC/PE funds, including IDG Capital, Legend Capital, Hony Capital, CDH Investments, Sequoia Capital, and CBC Capital, etc.

Leveraged on Chinese Academy of Sciences’ first-class R&D capabilities, high conversion rate of technical achievement and its close relationship with the Chinese government and access to industry resources, CASH Capital’s professional management team, with its abundant investment experience, was empowered to invest in quite a few emerging industries such as Information technology (TMT) and Healthcare, with a focus on fast-growing businesses in the start-up and growth stage. CASH Capital has invested in dozens of deals and has got excellent records in its investment outcomes, making it at the top of the industry. The typical deal size of CASH Capital ranges from RMB 10 million to 50 million.