Investment Strategy

1.   Investment Sectors:

Information Technology (TMT): Mobile Internet Apps, The Internet of Things (IOT), Integration of Internet with Traditional Industries, Chip Technology and Communications, etc. 

Life Sciences and Healthcare: Medical Devices, Diagnostic techniques, and Healthcare services, etc. 

Other sectors: New Energy, New Materials, and Advanced Manufacturing, etc. 

2.   Investment Stages:

We invest in companies across different stages, ranging from as early as the start-up stage, to as late as the expansion stage but with a focus on fast-growing companies in the start-up or the growth stage. The typical deal size ranges from RMB 10 million to 50 million. 

3.  Portfolio Standards:

Innovation: Innovative products, technologies or business models; 

Growth: Potentially large market capacity, high growth potential and long-term profitability; 

Team: Excellent management team with entrepreneurial spirit.